From the recording Tore Up (From the Floor Up)


Tore Up (From the Floor Up)
Tom Heinig/Halley DeVestern

Tore up from the floor up
Oh, here I go again
Tore up from the floor up
I don’t know when to say when
Tore up from the floor up
Beat up from the feet up
Tore up from the floor up

[Verse 1]:
Baby’s got the rabies
Whole crew’s got ‘em too
I think I got Ebola
Or just the Johnnie Walker flu…(Ebola)
We played that club till 2 am
and left about nine or ten
don’t know who’s wrist my watch is on
Ain’t never gonna see it again


[Verse 2]:
Well, I guess it’s beer for breakfast
And another for dessert
Ain’t no coffee in this motel room
One beer couldn’t make it any worse
Where’s the dog that bit me
I need a little hair
Woke up with my clothes on
But I lost my underwear


Who’s that barking in the bathtub?
They left a rainbow sheen behind
Wish the room would stop spinning
Wish I could just die
Don’t talk to me about the waffle house
I ain’t going to the waffle house
Go on and get outta here with that waffle talk, dude

[Instrumental break with vocal ad lib]


(spoken ad libs, “I swear, if I live through this, I will never mix champagne and tequila again”...etc.)

We are thrilled to announce that The Halley DeVestern band are recipients of TWO World Music Awards! One award was given to the Halley DeVestern Band as a whole and another spotlighting Ms. DeVestern for Female Lead Vocalist. The World Music Awards is a well-known international music competition celebrating independent musicians based on the merits of their music. Winners are chosen in several categories, with submissions coming from around the world. Each winner is determined according to technical quality, uniqueness, listener impact, and styling. These awards add to a string of positive reviews and praise for the band’s recent live album “Money Ain’t Time” and