From the recording Tore Up (From the Floor Up)


Tore Up (From the Floor Up)
Tom Heinig/Halley DeVestern

Tore up from the floor up
Oh, here I go again
Tore up from the floor up
I don’t know when to say when
Tore up from the floor up
Beat up from the feet up
Tore up from the floor up

[Verse 1]:
Baby’s got the rabies
Whole crew’s got ‘em too
I think I got Ebola
Or just the Johnnie Walker flu…(Ebola)
We played that club till 2 am
and left about nine or ten
don’t know who’s wrist my watch is on
Ain’t never gonna see it again


[Verse 2]:
Well, I guess it’s beer for breakfast
And another for dessert
Ain’t no coffee in this motel room
One beer couldn’t make it any worse
Where’s the dog that bit me
I need a little hair
Woke up with my clothes on
But I lost my underwear


Who’s that barking in the bathtub?
They left a rainbow sheen behind
Wish the room would stop spinning
Wish I could just die
Don’t talk to me about the waffle house
I ain’t going to the waffle house
Go on and get outta here with that waffle talk, dude

[Instrumental break with vocal ad lib]


(spoken ad libs, “I swear, if I live through this, I will never mix champagne and tequila again”...etc.)