1. Oh Cleo

From the recording Oh Cleo

A walk through history, New Orleans-style...


Halley DeVestern/Tom Heinig
Why are you playing with Antony
Don't you know he sits down to pee
You got the cutest asp in the whole dynasty
Come on baby walk by the river with me
I said oh, oh Cleo, oh oh oh
You got raven hair and a wicked smile
Teeth as sharp as an old crocodile
Come on baby, I'm not in denial
Stop your reign and lay down a while
I said oh, oh Cleo, oh oh oh
Walking with you arms akimbo
Next to you Nefertiti's a bimbo
Yeah, you got them eyes of Isis
Kiss you once or twice and then you say it's very mighty and then you run
Caesar's thin on top and wide in the middle
And rumor has it, Sugar, he's, uh, kinda little
I'm big and strong and I got all my hair
And every single thing that you want down there
I said oh, oh cleo, oh oh oh

We are thrilled to announce that The Halley DeVestern band are recipients of TWO World Music Awards! One award was given to the Halley DeVestern Band as a whole and another spotlighting Ms. DeVestern for Female Lead Vocalist. The World Music Awards is a well-known international music competition celebrating independent musicians based on the merits of their music. Winners are chosen in several categories, with submissions coming from around the world. Each winner is determined according to technical quality, uniqueness, listener impact, and styling. These awards add to a string of positive reviews and praise for the band’s recent live album “Money Ain’t Time” and