1. Code 9

From the recording Code 9


by Tom Heinig and Halley DeVestern

Oooh they’re gonna getcha
They ain’t never gonna letcha
Just be, just be, just be

They is the shadow                                                             
That kills the loving sun                                                             
They wanna kill the real in you and me                                        
They see you in the forest
They see you in your bed
They know everything you ever done or said

Brothers and sisters
We gotta get together
Or separately they will hang us dead

Sanctuary!  By the power of your thumb
Just hit code 9, go deaf and dumb
Sanctuary!  Like a silent battle drum
Just hit code 9, and I will come

They got your number; Literally.
But you ain’t the contract you signed

They can make you wear the uniform
They can make you cross the picket line
But they can never make you change your mind

They can lead me to the slaughterhouse
And tell me everything is fine
But they will never make me change my mind


It ain’t your mama you been hidin’ from
You know they’re too big to fail
You ain’t got nothin’, Honey,  but they still want some
They want all the air, so you better exhale…

(keyboard solo; guitar solo; chorus out)