1. American Pain

From the recording American Pain


American Pain
Halley DeVestern/Tom Heinig

[verse 1]:
Playing ‘misery poker’:
The Princess and the Joker,
The Fixer and The Broker.
They all had pretty good hands:
she was lonely and he got canned,
The Broker was broke,
The Joker was a joke,
and they all said, “...I’ll stand”.
Everybody thinks their woes are the worst,
Fortunes fallen and kiddies cursed;
But there’s nothing that can’t be reversed with a few hundred grand.

There’s pain all across America
and I want mine.
I’ll do a little dance; I’ll do a little time.
There’s pain all across America.
It’s my right.
Give it to me black,
give it to me light...
Alas, alas, oh woe is me.

[verse 2]:
She’s pullin’ the handle;
a joggin’ suit and sandals,
a cup of quarters and a St. Jude candle.
The pawnshop down the desert strip,
they got her gold, but man she’s got the slip,
and when them cherries fall, she’s gonna ramble.
Everybody’s got their precious aches,
tales of terror and busted brakes,
but they all got one good hand to hold out for a take.


“My scars are bigger than your scars!”,
the walking wounded shout.
Just take a number, Baby, you’ll go far.
Deal me in, honey, bail me out.
But, whatcha gonna do when the ghosts come home
and there ain’t nothin’ left to back that loan?
I guess you’re gonna hafta break another bone.
I guess you’re gonna hafta break another bone.
[chorus out]